Bahama Bound

Downsizing for a Dream

Gregory Town from a photographer’s perspective:

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Eleuthera is one of the most special places I’ve ever been, more rural and beautiful than I could have imagined. Tiny towns dot Queen’s Highway, the one main road running the length of the 110 mile long, 1 mile wide island. The neon Caribbean flanks one side, while the rougher Atlantic defines the other. There are 135 beaches in total on the island. Since most of it is undeveloped, these beaches can prove pretty tricky to find. It’s definitely an adventure lover’s dream.

via Eleuthera, The Bahamas: 10 Tips & Some 35mm Photographs to Keep You Dreaming — the sweet beach

Author: elizabeelynn

I'm a mom to two, wife to one, and a math teacher to many. We live on Michigan's West Coast, in the beautiful town of Holland.

One thought on “Gregory Town from a photographer’s perspective:

  1. I love your blog!!! You are a wonderful writer and storyteller of a place that is wonderful and full of stories! I will keep checking in, especially when the snow storms and winter gales try to tie me down.

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