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Tarpum Bay



I will never forget the very first time driving into Tarpum Bay. We were coming from Gregory Town, on our way through to visit Spider Caves and Ocean Hole in Rock Sound. As we approached, glimpses of pure turquoise water glowed from between the trees, giving hints of the beautiful water at the roadside beach, just around the bend.

Arrival into Tarpum Bay, with its bright yellow school on the right, and beautiful clear, cyan water behind, catches my breath every time. The whimsical homes, worn with age and sea air, give this settlement a mysterious sense of history that makes me wonder about the stories of people who live here.   Some are little cottages, while others reveal their colonial influences with full length balconies, dormer windows and weathered shutters. All are a temporary safe haven to their  inhabitants as each slowly concedes a return to nature.

Nearly all of my photos from several different trips, not curated in any way:

The very first time we drove through Tarpum Bay, we had to stop for pictures.

Culmer House

Dock end view of Tarpum Bay.

Best dress to honor a fallen comrade.

Tarpum Bay Dock Team Norms

Sunny kitty.


Nearly every time I walked past this house last April, a man was sitting on the front porch.  We got to the point of exchanging greetings. Not sure if he lives here, but I really wonder how the tree looks from the inside of the room from which it grows.

Microwave reclaimed by Earth

Kervin and Brenda’s special homecoming dinner.

Bringing up conch for Kervin’s conch salad.


Leftover conch shells from the first night of homecoming.

Sign maker and small appliance repair.

Jesse, 2015

Hana, 2017




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  1. Love those photos and post!



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