Bahama Bound

Downsizing for a Dream



Eleuthera is one of the Bahamas “Out Islands,” east of Nassau, southeast of Miami.  It is very long, about 110 miles, and thin, averaging 1 mile wide.  It is known for it’s beautiful white and pink sand beaches, delicious fish, and kind people.

Known originally as “Cigateo,” it’s current name, Eleuthera, Greek for “Freedom,” came from a group of early Puritan colonists hoping to create the first democracy in the Western Hemisphere.

This Blog

From our very first visit, we fell head over heels in love with Eleuthera. By our second visit, we decided we would like to spend a lot more time there and buy a cottage on the island.  What resulted was a massive downsize of our property, our expenses, and careful consideration about what brings us joy.  What started as a means to an end has become a new life plan.


My husband, Dan, and I live in Holland, Michigan. We have two kids, Jesse and Hana, and one dog, Buna-Bear.  We have both taught in West Ottawa Public Schools for 16 years after moving to West Michigan from California.  Dan teaches 5th grade and I teach middle school math.

We have always enjoyed adventure, meeting new people and finding the road less traveled.

We’re much better at making websites for our classroom than keeping a blog. To see mine, go to  For Dan’s, go to