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Getting to the Out Islands

The Bahamas is a country made up of hundreds of islands and cays (pronounced “keys”) in the Bermuda Triangle region of the Atlantic Ocean, east of Florida and north of Cuba. The center of population is on two main islands, New Providence, with the capital city of Nassau, and Grand Bahama Island. The rest are referred to as the “Out Islands” or “Family Islands.”

What many of us love about the Out Islands is the slower pace, and the quiet, natural beauty. There are not a lot of people, and it does not feel touristy. Booking flights to the Out Islands explains part of the reason there are not a lot of tourists. It can take some work to get there, but trust me, the payoff is huge.

Tickets to Paradise:

  1. Once you’ve settled on your island of choice, research what airports are available. Keep in mind, some may be private or closed. A couple of links that may be helpful are THIS from wikipedia, showing airports by island, and THIS from Skyscanner, showing Bahamas airports with direct flights from the U.S. If lucky, you’ll find a great deal on a flight directly to your destination. If not, no worries, go to step 2. For Eleuthera, you’ve got three airport options: North Eleuthera, Governor’s Harbor, and Rock Sound. For Long Island, you have two: Deadman’s Cay, and Stella Maris.
  2. Get a flight to Nassau. These are surprisingly plentiful, and good deals can be found. Our first Bahamas trip happened while looking for cheap flights to Las Vegas so we could see the Grand Canyon. Flights for Nassau kept popping up at a cost well below tickets to Las Vegas. We’ve been going to Eleuthera ever since.
  3. From Nassau, look for connecting flights to the Out Islands. The carriers will vary by island, and you can post questions on the Trip Advisor Out Island Forum,if you’re having trouble finding carriers. Make sure to leave a couple of hours between arriving in Nassau and departing on the domestic flight so you can clear customs and get to the domestic terminal. THIS video is very helpful if you are going straight on to your Out Islands flight from the international terminal.

Helpful links:


Southern Air

Pineapple Air 

4. Stay a night in Nassau, if necessary. This is not uncommon, as it’s not always possible to match incoming flights to Nassau to outgoing flights to the Out Islands. Nassau is very easy to get around and there are many options for one night’s lodging. Our favorite is Orange Hill, because it’s off the beaten path, but near a nice beach. This spring, we’re excited to try Baha Sea Backpackers.

West of Eleuthera